Guinea Pig Shaming

We've all seen dog shaming and cat shaming but guinea pigs? Cavy owners know that these little critters can have just as much attitude as the biggest dog or cat out there.

another video of my crazy baby guinea pigs popcorning


Believe it or not, this had once been a structurally sound wooden arch.  But spending a few months with 6 guinea pigs has rendered it somewhat less stable.  I’m sure it will not last much longer, and I will have to venture forth to acquire another sacrifice for my girls and their insatiable need to chew on things.


hey, there’s room in this pigloo for two, you know



hey, there’s room in this pigloo for two, you know


asecondchance13 asked: Hi! I have a guinea pig and she's about a year old. I'm going away to college next and can't take her with me :( I don't want to put her up for adoption and my mom agreed to care for her but I want her to be happy and comfortable while I'm gone. Would you recommend getting another one? I would adopt one but I'm not sure if I should.

Make sure that you have ,more than enough time to properly introduce if you do get another one and make sure that your cage is big enough to comfortable house two (just makes it easier and less chance of territory fighting). 

Make sure that you suss out the costs of extra food, extra bedding and two of everything (two bowls, water bottles) before you do. If you can afford it then I would definitely recommend it. Go talk to your local rescue who will  definitely be able to help you find the perfect buddy!

justanaverageday asked: This Sunday I was going to go pick up a guinea pig, I was torn on whether or not to get one or two, most of the people in the shops told me that 1 is best. Thanks to your blog I now know that two is healthier. Thanks!

You’re very welcome! :) 

Make sure to send us your piggy shame when the fur kiddos get settled!

psychedelicfl0werchild asked: So... I have one guinea pig. And my sister has one. They do not like each other at all, so we keep them separated. I know that guinea pigs are social, but I get Mimsy (my guinea pig) out every day for at least an hour. I talk to her when I'm in my room, and leave the radio on when I'm not. Am I doing what I need to do? I want another guinea pig for myself, and to keep Mimsy company, but I can't afford to get another one. Is there anything else that you can suggest?

Are they separated in the same room? Sometimes just knowing another piggy is in the room is good for them.

Make sure that you buy lots of interactive toys/treats that keep them busy and not board. Cardboard tunnels filled with treats, a treat ball they have to work for. 

A busy pig is a happy pig!

heysarahann asked: hi! i have a question about c&c cages. when putting together the wire cubes, should you make a layer of them for the bottom of the cage and put the coroplast on top, OR should you just have the coroplast alone be the base of the cage? ive seen it both ways in pictures & wasnt sure which was best. thanks!

I had a cube base on my cage but that’s only because I had built a raised base that the cage sat on.

If I had done a floor cage I wouldn’t have made the base, I just liked having them up off the floor - less bending to clean!