Guinea Pig Shaming

We've all seen dog shaming and cat shaming but guinea pigs? Cavy owners know that these little critters can have just as much attitude as the biggest dog or cat out there.

itsjocelynbabee asked: Hi I have a guinea pig he's turning one soon. I want to get him a friend but I'm going to get a baby guinea.. Any tips?

I’ve found (from experience) it’s harder to get an adult and baby adjustment because your adult has gone through puberty - this new baby won’t have yet. 

My youngest was a nightmare through puberty - she went from super sweet with the other two to being a holy terror. A lot of the time puberty can result in a major personality shift which may lead to your pair not getting along. 

I would definitely recommend going with a rescue for a guinea pig of similar age. The rescue will know how this guinea pig reacts to new pigs as well! Remember with boys a lot of space is key! 


Please do your research before adopting a guinea pig- they are more work than you think!

Again, not shame! Great post! 


This Easter, opt for stuffed animals.
Guinea pigs are not toys.

Not shame but yessss^^^^^^^^^^^^


Graze sent us a box of spring lambs and a country fox.

Mantequilla knows her food chain and told the fox to leave the lambs alone.

The fox followed Mantequilla into her cage, where Burvil was enjoying a chicory kebab.

Burvil beat the crap out of the fox.

Burvil obeys no food chain!


i feel like people dont think im serious when i say my guinea pigs watch tv

she went all the way to the edge to get a good view of Parks and Rec and she looks enthralled


"Love me, or I’ll behead you."


"Love me, or I’ll behead you."