Guinea Pig Shaming

We've all seen dog shaming and cat shaming but guinea pigs? Cavy owners know that these little critters can have just as much attitude as the biggest dog or cat out there.

Piggy playtime with Billy, Millie and Molly.

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Little guinea pig and Tigger are bffs

My little Bug was so in love with his guinea girls! If I was home and they were on floor time he was in there like a dirty shirt napping. 

The only sad part is the guinea pigs used to beat him up…like actually chase him off…

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Anonymous asked: I have a male guinea pig about 2 years old,and he hasn't had a cagemate since I got him. Would it be ok to introduce another male guinea pig into his cage? I would like to get one more, but I am worried that my piggie will react violently or that they will not get along because he has been alone for awhile.Or does it depend on how the new piggie is,and if so then how can I be sure that they will get along before adopting? I wanted to ask because I heard of males being aggressive and territorial.

They can be - the key with keeping males together is plenty of space and two of everything!

Make sure you research how to properly introduce guinea pigs together. There will be chattering, mounting and some squabbles - THEY SHOULD NOT BREAK SKIN - but don’t remove them. 

Make sure you give your new guy the chance to settle in for at least 1-2 weeks before introducing in a new cagemate. Also, make sure that you can keep two individual males just in case they don’t get along.

Many rescues will work with adopters to ensure that they find the right match, taking guinea pigs back if they don’t bond with your existing guinea pig!

andreascollinz asked: Hi! I don't know if I want to adopt guinea pigs... Now it's 7 months since my dog passed away and I'm still kind of shocked and of course I'm sad and miss him... I want guinea pigs but I don't know .. What do you think?

I think it’s a great idea to do a lot of research before getting them. They can live 5-8 years which is a huge animal commitment if you’re not 100% sure about them. 

Research the amount of space they need, work required for cleaning the cage and the cost of upkeep and medical care. 

I would also see if anyone you know has them and just expose yourself to them as much as possible to see if you’re allergic. Many people develop serious allergic reactions to guinea pigs and are forced to rehome because of it!