Guinea Pig Shaming

We've all seen dog shaming and cat shaming but guinea pigs? Cavy owners know that these little critters can have just as much attitude as the biggest dog or cat out there.


Please do your research before adopting a guinea pig- they are more work than you think!

Again, not shame! Great post! 


This Easter, opt for stuffed animals.
Guinea pigs are not toys.

Not shame but yessss^^^^^^^^^^^^


Graze sent us a box of spring lambs and a country fox.

Mantequilla knows her food chain and told the fox to leave the lambs alone.

The fox followed Mantequilla into her cage, where Burvil was enjoying a chicory kebab.

Burvil beat the crap out of the fox.

Burvil obeys no food chain!


i feel like people dont think im serious when i say my guinea pigs watch tv

she went all the way to the edge to get a good view of Parks and Rec and she looks enthralled


"Love me, or I’ll behead you."


"Love me, or I’ll behead you."

Because it’s almost Easter!

While this isn’t solely about guinea pigs - because Easter is coming (I know not everyone celebrates Easter) please remember that bunnies and GPs are not throwaway pets!

They are both a large time and space commitment that need a lot of love and attention to live happy lives! Many people buy them as Easter presents only to dump them a few months later when they aren’t fun anymore and people realize they are work. 

Please, please, please research before you take in a pet of any kind! Feel free to send us a message and we can forward you to some great care info links!